ABI Chromosome Marker Panels

Michael C. Gorry mcgorry at med.pitt.edu
Tue Jul 9 19:34:31 EST 1996

Our lab just purchased the chromosome 15 and 16 panels from ABI.
Although we have plenty of experience mapping with oligos made
in our lab, this is the first panel that we have tried.  We are
having all kinds of trouble with them.  Poor or no amplification,
irreproducable amplifications, and visualization problems on the 
gel when amplification does occur.

Does anyone have any experience with these panels?  Are there any
suggestions as to what the problem might be?  We have had no problems
when using our own oligos, just ABI's.  After following the suggested
protocol and trying several variations, we are still having trouble.
Before wasting anymore of the primers, it would be nice to hear if there
are any suggestions.

Thankyou for any help.


Michael Gorry
mcgorry at med.pitt.edu

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