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                         ***   CALL FOR PAPERS   ***

            National Conference on Ethics and Popular Culture


                                  hosted by
                            The Ethics Center
                        University of South Florida

The Ethics Center at USF is pleased to announce its second annual
National Conference on Ethics and Popular Culture.
The Ethics Center Program Committee welcomes papers and proposals for
panels and colloquia on ethical issues with respect to popular culture for
presentation at this year's conference. Papers and presentations may focus
on any aspect of the general topic.

     **  Presentations that depart from the standard academic paper format
         are encouraged.  **

Manuscripts and proposals must be typed and double-spaced. Papers should
not exceed 45 minutes reading time. Presentations that involve the
audience in an interchange of ideas and scholarship are encouraged.

Conference held on Thurs. and Fri. April 10-11, 1997.

Deadline for the submission of:
        Proposals for panels, colloquia, and
        special presentations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nov. 15, 1996
        Papers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jan. 15, 1997

The program will be finalized by February 1, 1997


The Program committee is looking for topics that both excite you and are
relevant in today's American society.

As a few ideas...

# popular music (ethics in rock and gangsta or other rap)
# entertainment media (movies, television, etc.)
# sports (little league, collegiate, professional, etc.)
# education issues
        text censorship
        systematic teaching of cultural discrimination
        sex education and AIDS
        single-gender academies and the gender archetype
# news media
        fear mongering
        communitarian responsibilities
        exclusion of candidates (e.g. Larry Agran, Tom Laughlin)
# popular religious traditions
# medical questions of technology, practice, etc
# gender issues
        gay marriage
        the state of gender discrimination (any better yet?)
# race issues (e.g. burning of southern churches)
# politics and the public
        distribution of power
        codes of conduct
        media and poll influence
        electronic town hall,
        role of first lady, etc.
        re-electing criminals - public anesthitized to corruption?
# cyberspace
        first ammendment
        social interaction (withdrawel from the public place?)
# popular literature (dime novels, comics, etc)
# form follows [science] fiction - fiction as genesis for real technology
#  war
        political spin - marketing death (Kuwait for freedom or oil?)
        ethics now in marine boot camp - ethics of killing?
# space exploration
        taking our trash to the stars
        whose domain? borders in space.
        the ultimate in manifest destiny?
# modern business
        the Japanese labor method losing face?
        public relations sanctioned lying?
        FAA - promoter and regulater. conflict of interest.
# discount travel airlines exploit public need?
        caveat pre-emptor. Consumers challenging conglomeration.
# generation observation
        the 60's experiment failed
        baby boomers breaking the federal bank

These by no means cover the range of topics. The committee looks forward
to reviewing your submissions.

Locations being considered for the conference are:

++  St. Petersburg Bayfront Hilton located on the western shore of Tampa
Bay in downtown St. Petersburg. It overlooks the beautiful bay and
downtown St. Petersburg, the famous St. Petersburg Pier (as featured on
the TV show "Seaquest), the University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Campus, Al Lang Stadium
 - home of the St. Petersburg Devil Rays National League expansion team,
and The Thunderdome - home of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning.

++  Belleview Mido Resort. This resort is a turn of the century
masterpiece of architecture and is renowned as the largest wooden
construction hotel in the United States. A haven for wealthy Victorian and
early century elite, this renovated  4 star resort is now a luxurious
historical landmark. The Mido overlooks the Clearwater intercoastal
waterway and Clearwater Beach, the Belleview Biltmore Country Club and
Gulf Course, and is less than five minutes from downtown Clearwater.

++ The Don Cesar Hotel located on St. Petersburg Beach. This 4 star Hotel
and resort is a historic landmark as a nineteenth century palatial resort
that was commandeered by the government during the world war period for
use as a military hospital. It was later completely renovated and stands
again as the original beach palace of the vacationing elite. It is located
on the southern end of 40 miles of continuous Gulf Coast beaches including
Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg Beach, and Madeira Beach.

++ the Stouffer Renaissance Vinoy Resort located on the edge of Tampa Bay
St. Petersburg. This is also a 4 star renovated turn of the century luxury
resort. Millions of dollars was invested only a few years ago to recreate
this spanish-style architectural masterpiece as part of St.Petersburg's
1990's renaissance.It overlooks the St. Petersburg Pier on Tampa Bay, the
St. Petersburg Yacht club, and downtown St. Petersburg.

The Ethics Center is currently negotiating to get the lodging prices for
these otherwise very exclusive resorts resonable for guests of our
conference.  The location will be announced in September along with a
reminding call for papers.

The St. Petersburg Clearwater area is 45 minutes from Tampa's Busch
Gardens - The Dark Continent, and 2 hrs. from Orlando's Disney World
and the myriad of its other parks.

Send papers and proposals to:

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%   Robert W. Huntley                                           %
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%   The Ethics Center                                           %
%   100 Fifth Avenue South      Tel: (813) 553-3171             %
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