An original mapping population

Gavin Humphreys GHumphreys at EM.AGR.CA
Tue Jun 18 16:30:40 EST 1996

Hello: I would like to do QTL mapping for protein content in wheat.
However, the mapping population that is available,is a double haploid
(DH) population of  a donor x F1 (ie C X(AxB)). Hence, 3 possible
alleles will be present in the dh population. As far as I am aware
Mapmaker will only allow me to enter two alleles (ie. A or B). I was
wondering if anyone knows of programs that could be used to handle
this kind of RFLP data. I presume that crops such as alfalfa must have
to deal with this sort of data.


PS Please send replies directly to me since I do not subscribe to this

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