Drawing linkage maps

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga humberto at momo.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jun 20 10:07:47 EST 1996

>>>>> "NAT" == "Nicholas A Tinker" <tinkerna at em.agr.ca> writes:

    NAT> Hello, I had many useful replies to my question about
    NAT> exporting Mapmaker postscript files to some other format.

    NAT> Maybe it's time to look for a new way of drawing chromosome
    NAT> linkage maps........

    NAT> any sugestions?

I've written a small bioTk program for drawing linkage and radiation
hybrid maps.  It can export a map as encapsulated postscript (it just
uses tcl to dump the canvas).  We've imported the maps into Word for
Windows documents with no problems.

You can get a beta version of my program from:


We've also submitted an abstract on this program to ASHG'96.

I've gotten this program to run on PC's with tcl/tk 4.1, but it
requires a little tinkering with tkmap and some modifications to bioTk
(bioTk tries to execute "ls" to get a file listing for it's filebox).
I don't know if I can distribute a single package containing all my
modifications, but I'll try to put diffs for Windows users on my

bioTk made writing this program a cinch, as a matter of fact, I had
the first prototype for this program running in a couple of minutes,
with my boss watching over my shoulder.
Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga                  
Cellular & Structural Biology  
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