Software for haploid mapping

'Toby' H D Bradshaw toby at
Sat Mar 16 20:46:12 EST 1996

Try using MAPMAKER, encoding the marker genotypic data as
a backcross.  You'll also want to enter the data for each
marker in both possible linkage phases.  The conifer megagametophyte,
zebrafish haploids, and some haplo-diploid insects have been done
this way.

-Toby Bradshaw
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Thomas D. Kocher <Thomas.D.Kocher at> wrote:
>We are generating haploid progeny from fish eggs using irradiated sperm
>to activate development.  The process is analogous to sperm-typing of
>humans, except that we have much more DNA to work with.
>Now that we are generating tables of haploid genotypes, we need some
>software to scan for linkages.  Can anyone point me to some existing
>software which could do the trick?
>Thomas D. Kocher
>Assoc. Prof.
>Dept. of Zoology
>University of New Hampshire
>Durham, NH 03824

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