Software for haploid mapping

Craig Echt cecht at
Mon Mar 18 11:54:14 EST 1996

To add to Dr. Bradshaw's sage advice, a detailed description of the use 
of MAPMAKER for haploid linkage analysis can be found in:
Plomion et al. (1995) Genomic analysis in maritime pine (Pinus 
pinaster). Comparison of two RAPD maps using selfed and open-pollinated 
seeds of the same individual.  Theor Appl Genet 90:1028-1034.
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'Toby' H D Bradshaw wrote:
> Try using MAPMAKER, encoding the marker genotypic data as
> a backcross.  You'll also want to enter the data for each
> marker in both possible linkage phases.  The conifer megagametophyte,
> zebrafish haploids, and some haplo-diploid insects have been done
> this way.
> -Toby Bradshaw
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