Just try this, it will work

Richard Canada rcanada at arlington.net
Wed Nov 6 02:57:08 EST 1996

Why did you post this garbage in a professional newsgroup ?  The people that use this 
newsgroup are too intelligent for your chain mail schemes.  Take this group OFF of your 
SPAM list.

Stephen Boltinghouse wrote:
> Take five minutes to read this and it WILL change your life.
>  The Internet has grown tremendously. It doubles in size every 4 months.
>  think about it. You see those 'Make.Money.Fast' posts more and more.
>  That's ... because it WORKS !  So I thought, all those new users might
>  make it work. And I decided to try it out, a few months ago.  Besides,
>  whats $5.00, I spend more than that in the morning on my way to work on
>  coffee and cigs for the day. So I sent in my money and posted.
>  Everyone was calling it a scam, but there are SO many new users from
>  AOL, Netcom, etc. they will join in and make it work for you.
>  Well, two weeks later, I began recieving bucks in the mail!  I couldn't
>  believe it! Not just a little, I mean big bucks!  At first only a few
>  hundred dollars, then a week later, a couple of thousand, then BOOM. By
>  the end of the fourth week, I had recieved nearly $47,000.00. It came
>  from all over the world. And every bit of it perfectly legal and on the
>  up and up. I've been able to pay off all my bills and still had enough
>  left over for a nice vacation for me and my family.
>  Not only does it work for me, it works for other folks as well.  Markus
>  Valppu says he made $57,883 in four weeks. Dave Manning claims he made
>  $53,664 in the same amount of time. Dan Shepstone says it was only
>  $17,000 for him. Do I know these folks? No, but when I read how they
>  say they did it, it made sense to me. Enough sense that I'm taking a
>  similar chance with $5 of my own bucks. Not a big chance, I admit--but
>  one with incredible potential, because $5 is all anyone ever invests in
>  this system. Period. That's all Markus, Dave, or Dan invested, yet
>  their $5 netted them tens of thousands of dollars each, in a safe,
>  legal, completely legitimate way. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
> STEP 1.
> Invest your $5 by writing your name and address on five seperate pieces
> of paper along with the words: "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST." (In
> this way, you're not just sending a dollar to someone; you're paying for
> a legitimate service.) Fold a $1 bill, money order, or bank note inside
> each paper, and mail them by standard U. S. Mail to the following five
> addresses:
>  1-  Fern Suarez
>      Mallorca 112
>      Hato Rey, P.R., USA, 00917
>  2-  Philippe
>      2104 De Mexico
>      Chomedey, Laval
>      Quebec, Canada
>      H7M 3C6
>  3-  Natalie Jansen
>      Lancveldlaan 18
>      5671 CN Nuenen
>      Holland
>  4-  Chad Collier
>      2785 Cold Springs Rd. #49
>      Placerville, CA  95667
>  5-  Steve Boltinghouse
>      1009 Bird St.
>      Hannibal, MO  63401
> STEP 2.
>     Now remove the top name from the list, and move the
>     other names up.This way, #5 becomes #4 and so on.
>     Put your name in as the fifth one on the list.
> STEP 3.
>     Post the article to at least 250 newsgroups. There are at
>     least 19000 newsgroups at any given moment in time.
>     Try posting to as many newsgroups as you can. Remember
>     the more groups you post to, the more people will see your
>     article and send you cash!
> STEP 4.
>     You are now in business for yourself, and should start seeing
>     returns within 7 to 14 days! Remember, the Internet is new
>     and huge. There is no way you can lose.
>     Now here is how and why this system works:
>     Out of every block of 250 posts I made, I got back 5 responses.
>     Yes, thats right,only 5. You make $5.00 in cash, not checks or
>     money orders, but real cash with your name at #5.
>     Each additional person who sent you $1.00 now also makes 250
>     additional postings with your name at #4, 1000 postings. On
>     average then, 50 people will send you $1.00 with your name at
>     #4,....$50.00 in your pocket!
>     Now these 50 new people will make 250 postings each with your
>     name at #3 or 10,000 postings. Average return, 500 people= $500.
>     They make 250 postings each with your name at #2= 100,000
>     postings=5000 returns at $1.00 each=$5,000.00 in cash!
>     Finally, 5,000 people make 250 postings each with your name at
>     #1 and you get a return of $60,000 before your name drops off
>     the list.And that's only if everyone down the line makes only 250
>     postings each! Your total income for this one cycle is $55,000.
>     From time to time when you see your name is no longer on the list,
>     you take the latest posting you can find and start all over again.
>                 The end result depends on you. You must follow through
>                 and repost this article everywhere you can think of.
>                 The more  postings you  make, the more cash ends up in
>                 your mailbox. It's too easy and too cheap to pass up!!!
>     So thats it. Pretty simple sounding stuff, huh? But believe me, it
>     works. There are millions of people surfing the net every day, all
>     day, all over the world. And 100,000 new people get on the net
>     every day. You know that, you've seen the stories in the paper.
>     So, my friend, read and follow the simple instructions and play
>     fair. Thats the key, and thats all there is to it. Print this out
>     right now so you can refer back to this article easily. Try to keep
>     an eye on all the postings you made to make sure everyone is
>     playing fairly. You know where your name should be.
>     If you're really not sure or still think this can't be
>     for real, then don't do it. But please print this article and pass it
>     along to someone you know who really needs the bucks, and see
>     what happens.
> *** By the way, if you try to deceive people by posting the messages
> with your name in the list and not sending the bucks to the people
> already included, you will not get much. I know someone who did this
> and only got about $150 (and that's after two months). Then he sent
> the 5 bills, people added him to their lists, and in 4-5 weeks he had
> over $10,000!
>                 TRY IT AND YOU'LL BE HAPPY!!!  :o) !!!!!!!!!!

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