P.F. Watson mbpfw at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 1 10:54:50 EST 1996

Could someone help with this question:

I have a biallelic polymorphism (G & A) linked to a dinucleotide repeat
with a number of variants (approx 88 to 120). Both are quite frequent in the
population or rather all the alleles are above 20%.  Question.. how can I 
demonstrate linkage disequilibrium between the G allele and repeat allele
106?  Looking at a random sample of 100 individuals.  I thought that to
address the question of phase I could analyse G/G and A/A homozygotes for 
the occurrence of the 106 allele.  When I did this I found a significant
disequilibrium between 106 and G with a p value of < .0001.  This test of 
homozygotes makes sense to me but is it a legitimate approach?



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