problem with SAGE on SunOS 4.1.3 and 5.5

Kevin Jacobs jacobs at
Mon Oct 7 06:20:22 EST 1996

In article <533kb1$6r6 at> you wrote:
: I keep getting this error when I run sibpal, 
: puccini%sibpal
:  (NPR= 5000, NTR= 30, NLC= 30, NAL= 30, NCV= 10, NFAMX= 1000, MAXIND=
: 3000)
: open: [1018] can't find 'old' file
: logical unit 1, named 'fort.1'
: Abort
: I have tried it on SunOS 4.1.3 and 5.5 to no avail.
: I have also added the line setenv FORT_1_NAME FORT01 to m cshrc, but no
: go.  Any tips or advice?  It has to be a compiler thing.

Just in case any others in the newsgroup are interested I will provide the
same answer I gave Dean:

  Under S.A.G.E. 2.2 and earlier versions, input and output files are
specified as Fortran logical units.  By default, most Fortran compilers map
logical units as follows:

Unit    Filename
----    --------
1    -> fort.1
11   -> fort.11
21   -> fort.21

Most Fortran compilers, if not all, provide a second mechanism to map
logical units to file names via the use of UNIX environment variables:

Unit    Env. Variable   
------  ---------------
1       FORT1 or FORT01  
11      FORT11
21      FORT21

Dean's problem is most likely due to the SunPro Fortran compiler, which does
not seem to support this method of input/output file mapping.  Inhouse, we
use Sun's Fortran 3.0.1 compiler and do not have this problem.

This does not affect the analysis functions of the S.A.G.E. package; only
the unsupported script files supplied to help run the programs.  If I
receive a sufficient number of requests I will make available to S.A.G.E.
users an alternate version of the script files which do not depend on the
features which seem to be missing in some compilers.

The good news is that the Beta release of S.A.G.E. 3.0 has been released for
free to all S.A.G.E. 2.2 users and does not have this problem.

Best regards,
Kevin Jacobs

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