Human Chr. 1 WWW Page and Genetic Map

Tara Cox Matise tara at
Sat Oct 12 23:49:14 EST 1996

1.  The home page for the Human Chromosome 1 WWW page has moved to 


2.  A Data Page has been added to the Chr1 WWW pages.  This page will
serve as a link to data provided by members of the chr1 community - this
may be published or unpublished data and provides a forum for us to
display and view data prior to publication, data that is too lengthy to be
published, or data that would not otherwise be readily available to us.
The address of the data page is:

3.  The first set of data has been added to the Chr1 Data Pages.  I am
working on constructing genetic maps of chromosome 1 that contain over 800
markers - basically all the polymorphic markers I can find.  The first of
these maps is complete and has been made available on the data pages.
I call this map a Comprehensive Positional map since it includes all
markers, but simply shows the position of these markers relative
to the Genethon chromosome 1 map.  I am currently expanding the map to add
additional markers to the Genethon map wherever possible and will put this
on the data page when complete.  You can find a link to the genetic map
from the Data Page, and the direct address is:


Tara Matise
Lab. of Statistical Genetics
Rockefeller University

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