Curved thumb

Peter Gooding pwg02 at
Mon Oct 21 19:26:58 EST 1996

ifenton at (I. Fenton) wrote:
>TaroLover <tarolove at> wrote:
>>My student is a twin, he has a right curved thumb and left straight
>>thumb. But his elder btother has a left curved thumb and right
>>straight thumb. But their father and mother are both right straight
>>thumb and left straight thumb.
>>How to explain the above event?
>>Would any Biology experts can answer my question, please send me a
>>E-mail. Thank You! :)
>well, i'm no biology 'expert', but i've done some analysis.  the
>first question for you is are these twins monozygotic or
>not ?  it makes a big difference to the question/answer...
Are identical twins mirror images or double images of each other? 
(I thought it was the latter. However, at some stage in the process they 
are joined on opposite sides.).


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