Make Your Own Vacuum Pump for Gel Blotting-WEB PAGE

Mike Miller mbmiller at SIRRONALD.WUSTL.EDU
Thu Sep 5 13:16:44 EST 1996

The document mentioned below has been revised and is now available in its
final form. --Mike


On 1 Sep 1996, Robert Passey wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago I posted an article in this newsgroup relating 
> to a home made vacuum pump suitable for vacuum blotting gels and 
> slot/dot blots. It is very easy to make and costs less than $70.00 
> Australian. The design for this pump is now availabe on a web page at 
> care of Mike Miller 
> at the Washington University School of Medicine, thanks Mike.
> Comments, suggestions etc can be sent to R.Passey at
> Cheers, Robert Passey.

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