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One postdoctoral research associate position in the area of human statistical
genetics/genetic epidemiology with 2 years of funding is available starting any
time after Nov 15, 1996. The successful candidate will work at the University of
Washington jointly with Dr. Ellen Wijsman (Div. of Medical Genetics and Dept. of
Biostatistics) and Dr. Elizabeth Thompson (Dept. of Statistics).  Projects will
include development of statistical and computational methodology in the area of
linkage analysis of complex traits, as well as applied work related to
dissection of the genetic basis of Alzheimer's disease or related phenotypes.  
Funding from the National Institutes of Health for the methodological component
is now in its 6th consecutive year, and funding for the applied component of
genetic analysis of Alzheimer's disease is now in its 12th consecutive year.

Requirements:  Ph.D. in statistics, biostatistics, population genetics, or
closely related field.  Practical knowledge of computing in a workstation
environment, including programming experience in a higher-level programming
language (preferably C).  Preference will be given to candidates with a
background in both statistics and genetics, but candidates with advanced
statistical training who have applied experience in other areas should also feel
free to apply.

The successful candidate will contribute to some of the following:

(1) Extending current developments in Monte Carlo Markov chain methods to
linkage analysis of diseases with age-of-onset penetrance. 

(2) Extension of such Monte Carlo Markov chain linkage analysis methods for
age-of-onset diseases to the analysis of two-locus and oligogenic-trait-locus
linkage analysis.
(3) Linkage analysis of late onset Alzheimer's disease pedigrees in the presence
of covariate information.

(4) Application of Monte Carlo Markov chain methods to multipoint and/or
two-trait-locus linkage analysis of Alzheimer's disease.

(5) Quantitative-trait-locus modelling and mapping of modifier loci in mouse
models of Alzheimer's disease. 

(6) Estimation of mutation-specific effects on age-of-onset for the Alzheimer's
disease genes which have already been identified (two mapped and one cloned by
the investigators at the University of Washington).

(7) Incorporation of apoE genotype and family structure information into
analyses of other potential phenotypic descriptors of Alzheimer's disease,
including biochemical markers under investigation by other collaborators.

(8) Similar analyses of other late-onset, neurological diseases as data become
available, including non-Alzheimer's disease dementias, Parkinson-like diseases,

Additional enquiries or applications by e-mail or regular mail should be send

Dr. Ellen Wijsman 
Div. of Medical Genetics
BOX 357720
University of Washington
Seattle, WA   98195-7720
wijsman at

The University of Washington is building a culturally diverse faculty and
strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.  AA/EOE.

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