Usage of VITESSE

I. Fenton ifenton at
Mon Dec 1 16:33:16 EST 1997

hmm, an interesting thread so far.  i have come across, certainly
for a shorter article (e.g. a letter-to-editor) that i can't give 
all the citations i would like to.  i have had it on poster
presentations where writing real estate is not a great issue.  when
a lab person cites only 1 or 2 references on a poster, the other
authors seem to "resent" (for want of a better word) me adding
3 or 4 analysis references.  and if i am only 'allowed' 1 reference
for programs, i have to make it an original LINKAGE one rather than
a FASTLINK one, i feel, even though some of the analysis was
done using FASTLINK as well as bits of LINKAGE.

my original article just meant to say that coz a reference search
on a database shows 10% of papers cite FASTLINK, doesnt mean that
only 10% of papers *used* FASTLINK...



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