Radiation hybrid mapping programs

Frank Visser fvisser at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Dec 2 11:10:59 EST 1997


We (the UK based HGMP-RC) are thinking of providing for our users a nice
web-based interface to a radiation hybrid mapping program.

The problem with the radiation hybrid mapping programs is that there
are a number of them available, and it is not entirely clear to us
which one to provide to our users. The requirements are:
- Trusted, i.e. the algorithm/implementation is trusted by the Linkage
  community to generate 'correct' results

 - Batch: must be able to run without direct intervention from the user.
   Most Unix based programs can do this, so that is not a big problem

- Must gave exact lod scores, not just "greater than 3" or something.

A quick perusal of the software list at rockefeller showed the
following entries: 

MAP+H            Shields et al. PNAS 88, 6501-6505)
RHMAP            (Boehnke et al, AJHG 49, 1174-1188)
RHMAPPER         (Stein et al. Whitehead Institute)

I have also heard of a program called RH, and there are possibly even
more candidates. Does anyone have any suggestions which one to choose
for our interface backend?

Frank Visser

F. Visser
e-mail: fvisser at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk

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