LINKAGE/UNKNOWN with mutation

Ingo Roeder ingo at
Wed Dec 3 12:11:54 EST 1997


I've just started to use the LINKAGE package and I am now 
trying to reproduce the analysis of some example data-sets. 
While doing this, a problem occured: 
For a risk calculation a DATAFILE was given, which contained
at the second line the mutation locus and the two mutation rates.
The usage of UNKNOWN gave the following error message:

You cannot have LOOPSPEED set to 1 and use the mutation model.
If you did not intend to use the mutation model,
change the second line of the locus file to be
0 0.0 0.0 0
and redo your run.
If you really intended to use the mutation model,
then recompile UNKNOWN and the main programs
with LOOPSPEED set to 0, and then rerun.

Because I really want to use the mutation model, I tried
to find the correct point for setting LOOPSPEED to 0 in
the source files. But I couldn't find it. Is there anyone
who can help me?

Thank's in advance.

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