HUMAN GENOME PROJECT EUROPE: Genomes, Diseases, Drugs, and Diagnostics

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Cambridge Healthtech Institute's
HUMAN GENOME PROJECT EUROPE:  Genomes, Diseases, Drugs, and
May 19-21, 1997
Loews Hotel Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Corporate Sponsor
Perkin-Elmer, Applied Biosystems Division
Pharmacia-Biotech AB
Merck Research Laboratories
Corporate Support
Glaxo Wellcome

Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. David Bailey, Pfizer Central Research
Dr. Colin Dykes, Glaxo-Wellcome
Dr. Chris Sander, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Dr. Alan Williamson, Merck Research Laboratories

Genome Sequencing
Contributions of CEPH to the Human Genome Project
	Prof. Jean Dausset, CEPH
Human Genome Sequencing	
	Dr. David Buck, Sanger Center 
Human Disease Gene Hunting
Gene Hunting in Human Diseases:  From Gene Paradigms to Complex Traits
	Dr. Philippe Froguel, Institute Pasteur of Lille 
Using Positional Cloning to Find Disease Genes
	Dr. Tim Harris, Sequana Therapeutics 
Novel Platform for Clinical Mapping of Human Genome
	Dr. Steve Peroutka, Spectra Biomedical 
The Human Genome and Ethics
	Dr. Carmen Rauch, Hopital d'Enfants de la Timone 

Reducing Genomic Information to Drug Discovery Practice
>From Merck Gene Index to Information to Novel Drugs
	Dr. Alan Williamson, Merck Research Laboratories
Medical Genomics:  From Genes to Products
	Dr. William Haseltine, Human Genome Sciences 
Genomics and Pharmacogenomics
	Prof. Daniel Cohen, Genset 
Tumor Suppressor Genes:  From Signaling Pathway Analysis To Drug
Discovery Target Identification
	Dr. Bernd R. Seizinger, Genome Therapeutics Corporation 
>From Genes to Screens
	Dr. Norman J.W. Russell, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Parallel Drug Development with Gene Expression Micro-Arrays
 	Dr. Dari Shalon, Synteni, Inc.

Application of Diagnostics to Non-Infectious Diseases:  Connecting
Genes to Diseases
Use of SAGE Technology to Analyze Colorectal Cancer
	Dr. Lin Zhang, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 
Expression Measurement by "Hybridization Signature" Methods
	Dr. Bertrand Jordan, Centre d'Immunologie, INSERM/CNRS 
Identification of Disease-Associated Genes Using High-Density cDNA

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