The way LRP obtain data

Rifat Hamoudi rifat at
Mon Jun 23 13:04:29 EST 1997

Dear ALL,

		I have recently installed LINKAGE on our system and 
was trying to interface output from LRP to our internal software.

I have a query regarding LRP which I would be grateful if you could 
help with. 

How does LRP obtain the individual LOD scores? As I gather it uses 
stream.out and final.out but neither have the individual LOD scores
in them? Does LRP do any calculations internally? When I looked at the
stream.out and final.out files I can see it has the pedigree and LN 10
LIKE and LOG10 LIKE. When you ask LRP to display a table format it 
gives you the proper LOD scores. The question is does it do that by
calculating internally within the code or is it displayed in another 
file that I have overlooked.

I would be grateful for any help or suggestions regarding the way LRP
obtain its data.



rifat at

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