vitesse - opinions ?

I. Fenton ifenton at
Thu Nov 13 15:37:43 EST 1997

hi people,

i am a fairly experienced user of LINKAGE/FASTLINK and am
currently involved in one or two  complex disorder genome
mapping projects.  as i am having problem doing multipoint
analyses (where i have warm/hot spots) as LINKAGE/FASTLINK
generally doesn't like big haplotype numbers, i was 
wondering if anyone has opinions/experience/comments on
the VITESSE program ?  all i know is the december 95
paper in nature genetics, and the readme file that comes
with VITESSE.  has anyone used the program ?  are there
any nice "gotchas" or problems ?  is it generally well
regarded in the field such that a referee would happily
accept a VITESSE-analysed paper ?

any comments welcomed.



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