vitesse - opinions ?

E. Wijsman wijsman at
Thu Nov 13 23:18:38 EST 1997

If Vitesse works, it will give the same result as you would get from
linkage/fastlink.  There is no problem with publishing results obtained
from Vitesse.  The computations will go a *lot* faster.  But you can only
use it on simple-structure pedigrees (no multiple founder sets, no
inbreeding loops or sibship exchanges).  The number of alleles for a locus
makes no difference to the computation time (unlike the other programs).
One can usually do a reasonable number of loci in a multipoint, but we
recently tried to set up a problem where we ran out of memory with the
original allele coding but could run the problem after downcoding, so it
seems like for loci with lots of alleles one can still run out of memory.
However, it seems like the memory constraints are not as bad as with
fastlink (and maybe also linkage), so one can usually run a bigger problem
with Vitesse than with fastlink.  The input files are identical to what
fastlink expects, so using Vitesse, if you can also use linkage/fastlink,
is no big deal.

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On 13 Nov 1997, I. Fenton wrote:

> hi people,
> i am a fairly experienced user of LINKAGE/FASTLINK and am
> currently involved in one or two  complex disorder genome
> mapping projects.  as i am having problem doing multipoint
> analyses (where i have warm/hot spots) as LINKAGE/FASTLINK
> generally doesn't like big haplotype numbers, i was 
> wondering if anyone has opinions/experience/comments on
> the VITESSE program ?  all i know is the december 95
> paper in nature genetics, and the readme file that comes
> with VITESSE.  has anyone used the program ?  are there
> any nice "gotchas" or problems ?  is it generally well
> regarded in the field such that a referee would happily
> accept a VITESSE-analysed paper ?
> any comments welcomed.
> thanks,
> Iain.

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