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Thu Apr 2 06:56:41 EST 1998

Dave Curtis <dcurtis at> wrote:
> Who is maintaining this FAQ now? 

> It's two years since it was updated. It's still pretty useful, but I
> know of a couple of things which could be changed. I emailed Dean with
> some updates a few weeks ago, but from my PC at work which has now been
> stolen. Is it just popping up automatically for ever?

Don't get me started.  I've been e-mailing Dean for over two years since he
still lists S.A.G.E. at LSU.  I'm well past the point of being steamed since
a lot of people read the FAQ and consequently can't contact us and think we
no longer exist.

Hopefully we'll be able to do something about it before our next big
release, which will include the fastest multipoint on the planet. 

-Kevin Jacobs

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