: LINKAGE 6.0 or anything on Mac/Linux/Rhapsody

Grant Jacobs - Biochemistry grant.jacobs at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Thu Apr 30 21:25:21 EST 1998


First, if you are replying, please note I'm not subscribed to the group
(yet), so it'd be nice if you replied to me rather than the group...
grant.jacobs at stonebow.otago.ac.nz

I am starting out on linkage analysis in a Mac+Unix environment and am
trying to figure out if a PowerMac with Mac's version of Linux and/or
Rhapsody might be able to take on linkage software (re-compiled of course).

I note that v6.0 of LINKAGE is apparently in C, which offers some hope that
it might port without too much fiddling...

Any comments on this would be most welcome, especially the developers of
this version of LINKAGE who I am trying to get in touch with (any offers on
email addresses?).

Any ideas on how long it will be until LINKAGE 6.0 will be with us, what
systems and compilers it is being developed with (eg. gcc, etc.)?

I'd appreciate any comments at all, before any money or time gets spent in
this direction.

Grant Jacobs

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