Genetic Cures of Insurance Disasters?

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Sat Aug 8 07:41:43 EST 1998

If you believe that genetics is the way forward in finding
a cure, how do you think medicine would be developed
from such discoveries? 

Have you considered the power of the insurance companies?

Who are the developments worth more to, the pharmaceutical
companies or the insurance companies? If the insurance companies
got hold of results ( which they will do eventually) then couples will
be forced to undergo screening of foetuses. 

What about the ethical issues and the trauma of abortions for women?

Who helps you to cope with being told that you are going to get
a terminal disease, because the screening WILL come before a

What is really being developed mass screening programs or cures?

If a screening program is used then the cures will not be needed,
it is cheaper to get rid of the imperfection to start with than to
put it right. ( funny thing this because left to its own devices nature
does this anyway) Governments will be left with no option once
put under pressure to use the cheapest option.

Is genetic medicine going to be used to vet employees and force
them into lower status work?

Are Governments going to use it to cut health bills ( anything is
possible in the future)?

Are you helping to finance a system that is going to label you and
your family second class citizens? 

While everyone is caught up in their enthusiasm have they thought
about some of little boys and girls ( also known as scientists) understanding
the sociological consequences of what they discover? 

You wouldn't give a child a chemistry set to play with unattended. Who's
attending these ' scientists ' at work? Who do you honestly think is going
to be putting right the wrong once it happens, whether it's the pressure
of the insurance companies, governmental, medical  or the pharmaceutical
companies or any physical damage?

I am sorry if I am shattering the illusion under which your hopes are
pinned, but put some thought to this. I also know that there are many
medical professionals who agree with me, but they just don't have the
guts to stand forward from the rest for what they believe in. 

When medicine is used to some of these ends then it is no longer
a healing art to be respected, it becomes a source of distress and
 illness for many people.

Information has the power to transform things and make them better,
but only if the information is truly understood.

No offline discussion about this please, I am leaving you with your thoughts.

Carol T

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