Having any problems with "Perkin Elmer GeneAmp system 2400.?"

1 mbad at magnum.barc.ernet.in
Thu Aug 13 01:12:07 EST 1998

Fellow Researchers,
	We had bought a Perkin elmer Geneamp system 2400 thermal cycler
around 1.5 yrs back.It had initially given satisfactory results, but
after 7-8 months of working it was erratic in its amplification.Infact It
used to give amplification intermitently,which caused loss of 7 months of
labour and lots of chemicals till we finally realised that the machine had
gone bad.
	The Indian agents here repaired it, but it has the problem where a
couple of wells don't give any amplification.
	This is not a isolated case.In Mumbai (INDIA) there are 4 pcs of
same model with problems.
	I would like to if there are others in the World who are having
problems with the 2400 PCR system especially from underdeveloped

Suresh Shettigar
email <mbad at magnum.barc.ernet.in>
Scientific Officer
MB & AD.1-108-H.
BARC Mumbai-85

Note: Perkin elmer are welcome to respond to this question.

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