San Francisco job

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Tue Aug 25 18:48:03 EST 1998

Molecular Biologist wanted

Industrial experience requested.  This is
for an early stage start up in the San Francisco
area backed by a top notch venture firm.

This person will utilize homologous PCR,
gene databases, and other techniques to
identify a family of cell phenotype
specific proteins important to fundamental
cell processes. Must have good managerial
ability to be able to manage an important
outside collaboration.

Interested people please E mail Marc Andelman,
President, Biosource Inc. drgonfly at,
or call 508 853 8803 or fax 508 853 8772.  Biosource
is an employer paid fee service.  Unless specifically
requested, please allow me only to get back in
touch if this or some other position is a dead ringer
for each parties interests. I will of course call first
before sending anyone's information along.

Marc Andelman

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