Co-dominant vs additive inheritance; what is the latter and what is the difference?

Arthur Osterop Ph.D. osterop at
Tue Jan 27 10:14:59 EST 1998

Dear netters,

I am studying the occurrence of a gene allele polymorphism (A- and 
B-allele) in relation to hypertrophy. I have analysed the allele 
frequencies in relation to the hypertrophy data in three models.
- a recessive model for the B-allele: AA+AB vs BB
- a dominant model for the B-allele: AA vs AB+BB
both models with a Student's t test, and
- a co-dominant model: AA vs AB vs BB
with ANOVA analysis.

Now a reviewer of a journal in wich I want to publish my data states 
that my co-dominant model actually is an assumption of additive 

Can somebody tell me what is meant by additive inheritance and in what 
way does it differ from a co-dominant phenotype of alleles. As far as I 
understand co-dominant means that the phenotype of the heterozygote 
differs from both the homozygotes.

A question concerning the statistics is whether or not one needs to 
perform a Bonferroni correction, in this case of a factor three as three 
different analysis have been performed on the 'same' data.

I am looking forward for your responses as I have never been in 
population genetics before let be statistics,

With best regards,

Arthur Osterop, PhD
Erasmus University Rotterdam
osterop at

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