HLA-I & II Linkage Disequilibrium Ref.'s?

jkh khchung at gsa.kyunghee.ac.kr
Tue May 19 03:05:13 EST 1998

> A good recent review paper on MHC evolution is:
>    Klein, J., and A. Sato (1998). Birth of the Major Histocomptibility
> Complex. Scand. J. Immunol. 47:199-209.
> They argue that i) the "class III" regions *really* are not part of the
> MHC, and ii) the evolution of the peptide-binding domain was by exon
> shuffling rather than alteration of an immunoglobulin-superfamily-type
> gene. It isn't exactly the LD stuff you requested, but it does put the
> region in an evolutionary context.
> There are several recent papers in "Immunogenetics" on shared class I
> alleles across different primate species - interesting as some are
> several million years diverged, and also a point on the stability of
> this region.
> For a *reason* why such allelic variation is compressed into so few
> allels, see:
> Nowak, M.A., K. Tarczy-Hornoch, and J.M. Austyn 1998. The optimal number
> of major histocompatibility complex molecules in an individual. Proc.
> Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 89:10896-10899.
> I'm sure there are better refs near at hand for LD as in your question,
> so I'll keep my eye out and will post them if they jump out at me.
> (signed) marc
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