Anybody have some test files for Genehunter?

Grant Jacobs grant.jacobs at
Thu Nov 12 20:55:42 EST 1998

Does anyone have some "sample" input files and their (correct!) output
files for Genehunter? Ideally the input files should be in the LINKAGE
style format, with which I am familiar. Also ideally they will have
been run on Genehunter v1.2 or higher.

I am running Genehunter here (in New Zealand), but am getting suspect
results for the NPL "all" runs and despite a lot of effort, I have not
been able to put this right. It is possible that the installation itself
is at fault; hence why I would like some runs which have worked correctly
elsewhere to establish if the installation is likely to be OK or not and
its just my runs/parameters that are at fault. I know this sounds
bizzare, but I am running out of alternative options.

I have tried to contact the authors, but I have not yet had a reply (they
might be away or busy for all I know).

If you can help, you might want to send the files to me directly (see
the signature, below) and not the group - I can imagine anyone else in
the group will want your test files!

Good hunting to all the gene hunters out there --


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