I Have a Good Question.

Scott Selby selby at lenti.med.umn.edu
Fri Oct 23 08:44:40 EST 1998

J W E wrote:

>     Now, that NASA, and other space agencies are monitoring radiation that
> arrives from celestial sources here on Earth, is anyone monitoring the
> Number of Birth Defects in relation to the time frame of extreem
> cosmic/X-ray outbursts from the Universe/Sun?
>     I just figure that since cancer can be traced to UV radiation from the
> sun, that there would be a list of Identifiable forms of birth defects that
> would be found in relation to it's X-ray output.  I am sure that this could
> also be better evaluated examining open air chicken Hatcheries, for
> dead/hatched defected chicks.
> The Flavored Coffee Guy.

You're wrong, that's not a good question

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