darkness-repression in light-inducible genes

Hans Olaf Warning unb14c at ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de
Fri Apr 23 05:25:15 EST 1999

Hello netuser,

I am working in the regulation of the nitrite-reductase-gene of the
white birch Betula pendula. The transcription of the gen is induced by
light and nitrate. EMSAs revealed a trans-acting-factor that binds in
the darkness to that promotor region, that is responsible for
light-induction, proved in transgenic plants. That would mean, that the
regulation is caused by a repressor, that binds to the LRE to inhibit
the transcription in the darkness.
Does anyone know something about darkness-repression of light-inducible
genes (personal research or literature).
Thanks for any answers. Hans Olaf

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