X chromosome parametric analyis for quantitative trait using LINKAGE/FASTLINK

Ian Mackay Ian.Mackay at ukgateway.net
Fri Dec 10 04:57:59 EST 1999

Hello all,

Does anyone have experience of  using LINKAGE/FASTLINK to
test for linkage of a QTL on an X chromosome?

I have a model from a segregation analysis for a QTL on an X
chromosome which I want to feed into a linkage analysis.
According to my reading of the LINKAGE documentation, the
QTL can be coded as normal for females, but must be coded as
affected / unaffected for males. Apart from the  odd trait
like milk yield in cattle, this seems weird, which makes me
think I'm missing something.

If I have read the documentation correctly, I'd be really
grateful for an example / explanation of how this gets coded
in the pedigree and linkage data files.

Ian Mackay

work i.mackay at oxagen.co.uk
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