Invitation to IEEE ICMCS'99

Carlo Colombo, tel 460 columbus at BSING.ING.UNIBS.IT
Sat Feb 27 07:04:31 EST 1999

          ******** IEEE ICMCS'99: INVITATION TO ATTEND ********

    Dear colleague,

this is to invite you to attend the 1999 edition of the 
IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems 
(ICMCS'99), to be held in Florence, Italy, on 7-11 June 1999.
    We believe it very important for the success of the Conference that 
a distinguished researcher in Multimedia like you be present at ICMCS'99: 
this is in fact one of the most important forums where to discuss
experiences, trends and opportunities for Multimedia.
    You can find detailed information about Conference program 
and registration at the page 

    This year, ICMCS presents a scientific program of great interest 
and quality, including:

    * Six special sessions (for invitation only) focussing on key 
      Multimedia subjects - including presentations and discussions
      on the current state-of-the-art and future trends - with talks
      given by respectful scientists in the fields;
    * 41 oral sessions (with 145 contributions) and six poster sessions 
      (with 170 contributions) for a total of 315 contributions from 
      some of the most distinguished labs in the world;      
    * 19 tutorials - given by renowned researchers - addressing the
      hottest topics of Multimedia technology;
    * Over 30 live exhibitions and demos of working Multimedia research 
      prototypes and commercial products;
    * A special day devoted to European Community projects in the area 
      of Multimedia computing and systems;
    * A plenary lecture on "Digital Technologies and the Movies", given 
      by Dr. C. Rouet, Lucas Digital, CA.

    The social program will offer a welcome dinner and a gala dinner in
two of the most beautiful sites of wonderful Florence.

    I remind you that the deadline for advance registration
at ICMCS'99 is 
                  12 MARCH 1999: 
                                   do not miss this opportunity!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Florence, 

    cari saluti,

    Alberto Del Bimbo
    IEEE ICMCS'99 General Chair 

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