Autism in Twins

Supernews User woolsac at
Tue Jan 26 01:05:57 EST 1999

I am not sure if this is the area to
requestinformation.  I am the aunt of four year old
twin boys.  One of them has recently been diagnosed as

The boys live in England and there does not seem to a
lot of available information over there that can be
easily accessed and understood by their mother.  At
the moment she is going through a major learning curve
and is receiving a lot of moral support.  She has
contacted a multiple birth organisation but they do
not seem to have a lot of information on the subject.

I would appreciate any source of information that will
assist our whole family to begin to understand how to
unlock the world of our beautiful son/nephew/grandson
and how to better explain areas of concern to his twin
and older and younger brothers.

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