Your cancer cure!

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Tue Jun 15 08:01:14 EST 1999

In article <FDCurp.Inw at>, sphinx at (SPHINX
Technologies) wrote:

> I find your description of the cancerous cell very interesting.  It
> reinforces my impression that cancer is not the result of randomly-
> altered genes, but is rather the result of purposeful manipulation 
> of genes by some "purposeful" organism.

It hust appears "purposeful".  The only genetic hits that are noticed are
ones that give a cell some survival advantage over another cell.  For
example, the p53 gene which has the abilty to detect flaws in the DNA and
is responsible for halting the cell cycle so that DNA can be repaired.  If
this gene is turned into a dominant negative mutant then one will
accumulate mutations at a fast rate and more growth regulatory genes will
get hit and so on and so on...


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