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> As one with a certain level of knowledge of "combinatorics", or the
> art of mathematically counting complex things (and often using this
> to estimate probabilities or expected frequencies of occurrence), I
> find it very difficult to imagine how all the necessary FUNCTIONAL
> mutations to explain what you just described could have happened
> by chance in anything LIKE the current age of the universe.

Why is it difficult?  Keep in mind that mutations that do not allow for
"selection" to occur are unnoticed and irrelevant.  Also, you must bear in
mind that certain genes are more important than others.  As I mentioned
earlier, the S phase (DNA sythesis phase) of the cell cycle is stoped by a
protien called p53.  If a mutaion occurs at the N17 ( I think that is the
right place) then a dominant negative mutant will be created.  And even
though you may still have another good copy of p53 (from mom or dad), it
will not work.  Now the mutation rate will accelerate.  And do not forget
that the population of cells in the human is big (in the order of
10e8-10e9 cells).  If one cell gets an advantage, then it will out grow
its neighbors and increase the odds of another hit.
Cancer researchers classify these growth genes as proto oncogenes (when
normal) and oncogenes (when abnormal) and they can either be tumor
suppressor genes(inhibit growth of normal cells) or tumor promoter
genes(promote growth of normal cells).
> As you probably know, there is a small minority of researchers in
> the cancer research community who assert that there IS a cancer
> organism which they can isolate from any cancer cell and show you
> if you will only look.  (Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler was one of
> the better known.)

That is complete and utter bullshit(pardon the english).  It is known that
virus can promote cancer.  And there is some belief that chronic
infections can possibly lead to cancer But the thought that an organism is
the cause of Cancer is total garbage.
What is interesting about the virus is that they have picked up small
chunks of DNA that code for proteins that regulate the "growth genes I
mentioned before.
> Your description certainly sounds like the "trail" left by a
> purposeful organism, not chance alone!
> Thanks also for all the other detailed comments.  It is going to take
> awhile for me to digest all the new information, which I very much
> appreciate.

What I have given you is the present Dogma regarding Cancer.  As a cancer
researcher, I am comfortable with saying that all cancer researchers that
I know believe that this is indeed the way Cancer works.

The current dream is that methods to determine which of the protooncogenes
have been turned to oncogenes and what drugs could be used to effect them.

BTW, clonal expansion of cancer cells has been proven in rodents and humans.

Peter Pediaditakis

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