Web-based linkage/RH mapping software

Julia Krushkal krushkal at WPI.EDU
Sun Dec 3 17:55:12 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

A couple of weeks ago I posted a request for information about Web-based
linkage analysis software. Unfortunately, I was not able to find software
that would actually perform linkage analysis via the Web, and I had to
limit the class session to the Web-based programs for linkage map
construction and RH construction, and a program for viewing recombinants
in a plant population. Several people contacted me asking to forward the
responses to them, or to post them within newsgroup. I created a Web page,
which lists the links I showed to students during the computer session.
This list is is no way complete, and it is provided only for information
purposes only. Any interested individuals may need to contact the owners
of the individual Web pages listed to access their site, especially in the
situations where passwords are required. I regret that I was unable to
find any gene mapping programs that I could include in it that could run
via the Web.

Best regards,
Julia Krushkal
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