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> July 3, 2000 Gentlemen; After all this 'hoopla' and hype, regarding this
> relatively new field of genetic mapping, etc., I believe this will open
> the door for opportunities to trace exactly who and what we are as
> 'humans'.  Exactly what are 'humans' ?  How 'human' are most of us ?  
> How 'human' are some of us ?  Are we 'human' by 'degrees' ?  For instance,
> if a person has 99 pct. of certain genes is he nearly all human ?  If he
> has 60 pct. of certain genes, is he 'mostly' human ?  If he has only 20
> pct. of certain genes, is he 'partly' human ?  What is needed is a
> 'standard' of 'humanity', something to compare with people with certain
> amounts of 'required' genes, to qualify as being 'human'.  I believe this
> is what is coming in this day and age.  A new theory, science, field of
> study etc. ?  It,s just around the corner, and promises to shake-up a lot
> of 'people' !

That's basically waht Hitler's Nazis tried to do.
We all know how _that_ turned out... >:-(

The ultimate standard and test of ``humanity'' is _BEHAVIOR TOWARDS OTHERS_,
not ``genetic purity.''  Judging from the crypto-racist thesis above, I have
some doubts whether this cowardly anonymous poster could pass this standard...

-- Gordon D. Pusch   

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