SEKE'01 - Call for Papers

Oscar Dieste odieste at
Fri Jul 21 11:52:38 EST 2000

  13th International Conference on Software Engineering &
                   Knowledge Engineering
                  Buenos Aires, Argentina
                     June 13-15, 2001
                      Call for Papers


The   Conference  on  Software  Engineering  and  Knowledge
Engineering has, for the past twelve years, been  providing
a  unique,  centralized forum for academic  and  industrial
researchers and practitioners to discuss the application of
either    software   engineering   methods   in   knowledge
engineering  or  knowledge-based  techniques  in   software

This   year’s  event  shall  continue  the  SEKE   mission.
Therefore,  preference will be given to contributions  that
emphasize   the  transference  of  methods   between   both
engineering   domains.  However,  outstanding   papers   on
software  engineering  or knowledge engineering  alone  are
also being solicited.

               Suggested Topics of Interest

      Artificial intelligence approaches to software
                 Automated software design
                Component-based engineering
                        Data mining
                  Education and training
                  Intelligent CASE tools
    Knowledge acquisition and requirements elicitation
                   Knowledge management
      Measurement and empirical software engineering
              Multimedia software engineering
                   Program understanding
                 Requirements engineering
                    Reverse engineering
                   Software architecture
                 Software domain modeling
                 Software process modeling
                      Software reuse
                Verification and validation
            Session, Panel, Tutorial Proposals

Sessions,  Panels and Tutorial proposals should  include  a
two or three-page summary containing the title, proponents,
contact   information,  abstract,   description   and   the
background  of  the proponent. An electronic  copy  of  the
proposal  (only PDF, postscript or Microsoft Word  formats)
should    be   sent   before   December   1,    2000    to:
tutorials at

                     Paper Submissions

Papers  must  be  written in English. Only electronic  PDF,
postscript  or  Microsoft Word formats  will  be  accepted.
Please,  send an electronic copy of the complete manuscript
with  a  200-word  abstract and no more than  12  pages  of
double-spaced  text  (including  figures  and   references)
before January 15, 2001 to: papers at
All  accepted  papers will be published in the proceedings.

In  addition,  a  few  selected best  papers  in  knowledge
engineering will be published in a special issue of  Expert
Systems   with  Applications,  best  papers   in   software
engineering areas will be published in a special  issue  of
Journal  of  Systems  and  Software,  and  best  papers  in
software  engineering  and knowledge  engineering  will  be
published  in a special issue of The International  Journal
of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.

                      Important Dates

        Paper Submission Deadline: January 15, 2001
       Tutorial Proposal Deadline: December 1, 2000
        Notification of Acceptance: March 15, 2001
          Camera Ready Copies Due: April 1, 2001
                   Conference Co-Chairs

    Stephen J. Mellor                Natalia Juristo
 Project Technology, Inc.   Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
                    Steering Committee

        Vic Basili                    Bruce Buchanan
  University of Maryland         University of Pittsburgh

      Shi-Kuo Chang                 C. V. Ramamoorthy
Knowledge Systems Institute University of California, Berkeley

                       Key Speakers

        Vic Basili                    Alan M. Davis
University of Maryland, USA          Omni-Vista, USA

    Stephen J. Mellor            Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
 Project Technology, USA          Systems/Software, USA

                     Program Co-Chairs

     Marcelo Estayno              Silvia Teresita Acuña
   Universidad Nacional           Universidad Nacional
      de La Matanza               de Santiago del Estero

                     Program Committee
  Juan Carlos Augusto,           Paul Bailes,
Universidad Nacional del   University of Queensland,
     Sur, Argentina                Australia
   Mario R. Barbacci,         Richard Benjamins,
  Software Engineering     University of Amsterdam,
     Institute, USA             The Netherlands
   Antonia Bertolino,        Leopoldo E. Bertossi,
     CNR-IEI, Italy         Pontificia Universidad
                                Católica, Chile
      Kai H. Chang,        William Cheng-Chung Chu,
 Auburn University, USA       TungHai University,
     Reidar Conradi,               Yi Deng,
      NTNU, Norway           Florida International
                                University, USA
     Andreas Dengel,            Khaled El Emam,
 German Research Center        National Research
     for Artificial             Council, Canada
  Intelligence, Germany                
   Norberto Ezquerra,           Miguel Felder,
  Georgia Institute of       Universidad de Buenos
     Technology, USA           Aires, Argentina
     Dieter  Fensel,           Alfonso Fuggetta,
   Vrije Universiteit       Politecnico di Milano,
     Amsterdam, The                  Italy
   Kokichi Futatsugi,            David Garlan,
Japan Advanced Institute        Carnegie Mellon
     of Science and             University, USA
    Technology, Japan                  
      Mari Georges,              Yolanda Gil,
      ILOG, France                 USC, USA
    Robert L. Glass,            Claude Godart,
  Computing Trends, USA       LOIRA/INRIA, France
    Chung-Horng Lung,            Frank Houdek,
 Nortel Networks, Canada      DaimlerChrylser AG
                           Research and Technology,
  Christian S. Jensen,           Marta López,
   Aalborg University,      University of Corunna,
         Denmark                     Spain
 José Carlos Maldonado,         Sandro Morasca,
    ICMC-USP, Brazil        Politecnico di Milano,
   Roland Mittermeir,           Ana M. Moreno,
 Klagenfurt University,     Universidad Politécnica
         Austria               de Madrid, Spain
    John Mylopoulos,             Markku Oivo,
 University of Toronto,    VVT Electronics, Finland
  Amalia Teresa Parra,         Derek Partridge,
    Computer Sciences      University of Exeter, UK
    Corporation, USA                   
  Rafael Avalos Pelayo,    Shari Lawrence Pfleeger,
 Universidad Autónoma de     Systems/Software, USA
   Guadalajara, México                 
      Angel Puerta,             Ahmed A. Rafea,
 Red Whale Software, USA    American University in
                                 Cairo, Egypt
 David Stuart Robertson,        Guenther Ruhe,
University of Edinburgh,   Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
   Carolyn B. Seaman,        Marcello A. Visconti,
 University of Maryland       Universidad Técnica
  Baltimore County, USA      Federico Santa María,
    Jeffrey M. Voas,            Lawrence Votta,
    Reliable Software            Motorola, USA
    Technologies, USA                  
  Christiane Gresse von          Claes Wohlin,
       Wangenheim,          Lund University, Sweden
  Federal University of                
 Santa Catarina, Brazil                
     Vilas Wuwongse,            Naoki Yonezaki,
   Asian Institute of         Tokyo Institute of
  Technology, Thailand         Technology, Japan
       Kang Zhang,                     
 Universidad of Texas at
       Dallas, USA


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