TDT programs

Mike Miller mbmiller at
Tue Jun 5 17:57:22 EST 2001

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Antti-Pekka Laine wrote:

> Does anybody know of any TDT analysis programs that allow changing the
> expected transmission ratio from 0.5? I've tried several programs but
> haven't seen such feature.

Interesting question.  Are you working with biallelic markers?

The Sham-Curtis ETDT program will at least extract all transmission data
from LINKAGE pedigree files and put them in a format where you can analyze
them with a different program.  It also should be easy for a programmer to
alter source code to compute likelihoods with different null models.

I'm curious:  Why are you doing this?  Do you have to analyze many loci,
or just a few?


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