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Martin Farrall mfarrall at
Thu Mar 1 04:43:21 EST 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Andrew W wrote:

> Max Myakishev wrote:
> > How to load quantitative phenotypes in genehunter?
> > I didn't find any command in manual.
> > Please help!
> Unless someone can correct me I don't think you can use quantitative
> phenotypes with Genehunter. Try using MapmakerSibs instead as this is
> very similar to Genehunter but will allow you to use quantitative
> phenotypes for multipoint analysis.
> Software is available at
> and the Postscript version of the manual is at
> Hope that helps,
> Dr. Andrew Walley,

Genehunter version 2 includes the sib-pair QTL mapping statistics that
were implemented in Mapmaker/Sibs; gh2 also includes variance components

Martin Farrall

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