how can I import the simwalk 2 output file to cyrillic program?

Bo Yuan BYUAN at
Tue Mar 20 11:34:33 EST 2001

Dear friends:

I have a very hard time to import the output file of simwalk 2 file to cyrillic program.

Simwalk 2 manual #43 said, create the haplotype output files, and hef-nn.all, for export of the best haplotype found to pedigree drawing programs: Pedigree/Draw (on Macintosh) and Cyrillic (on Windows). I used the simwalk 2 example files ( hef-01.all or change to hef-01.ped ) to import to cyrillic program. Each time, showed me the window: Replace from disease list? Disease not found? Episodic Ataxia (EA) pedigree: Sampling and Number of the marker is invalid in line number 5. I can not figure out what's the problems?
I really need a help!




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