Postdoc: Genetics of Birth Weight Variation and Pre-eclampsia

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Wed Oct 2 03:08:45 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position
Genetics of Birth Weight Variation and Pre-eclampsia

      I am seeking to hire a postdoctoral fellow to participate in one 
or more of several projects studying the genetics of birth weight 
variation and pre-eclampsia.  My laboratory is taking a candidate 
gene approach to determine the association between genetic 
polymorphism and both birth weight variation and pre-eclampsia.  Both 
projects will also incorporate cDNA microarray analyses to explore 
the regulatory networks underlying each phenotype and to identify 
additional candidate genes.  The potential also may exist to 
participate in mapping QTLs in mice associated with birth weight 
variation. The principal responsibilities of the person hired will 
include: extraction of DNA/RNA, preparation of samples for 
sequencing/fragment analysis/microarray hybridization in a core 
facility, interpretation of sequencing/fragment analysis/microarray 
output, performance of genetic analyses (association, QTL mapping), 
and preparation of results for publication and presentation at 
scientific meetings.
      My laboratory is part of the new Center of Excellence in 
Genomics and Bioinformatics at the University of Tennessee - Memphis 
and is housed in the Children's Foundation Research Center (Le 
Bonheur Children's Hospital).  The person hired will have excellent 
opportunities to interact with individuals utilizing the latest 
techniques and tools of molecular research.
      Please send a cover letter indicating the position (Genetics of 
Birth Weight Variation and Pre-eclampsia), current CV, and contact 
information for three references to radkins1 at

Qualifications: Ph.D. granted by time of employment (required), 
experience with association analysis, linkage analysis and/or 
quantitative genetics (preferred)
Duration: 2 years, longer depending on funding
Start Date: Earliest possible date
Salary: $28,000 plus health insurance

Ronald M. Adkins                                       radkins1 at
Assistant Professor                                      Office: 901-572-5357
50 North Dunlap                                         Lab: 901-572-4583
Children's Foundation Research Center       FAX: 901-572-5036
      and Center of Genomics and Bioinformatics
Room 308, West Tower
Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center
University of Tennessee - Memphis
Memphis, TN 38103
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