[Genetic-linkage] questions for analysis QTL using QTL cartographer

van charles via gen-link%40net.bio.net (by superprotease from gmail.com)
Sun Apr 29 15:46:45 EST 2007

Hi All,
I am using QTL Cartographer to analysis some datasets.  I got 3 datasets
from my boss, one is the mapmaker file 'truemap.maps' and the others are the
original raw files, 'allmarkers.raw' and 'subsetmarkers.raw'.  They are the
same datasets and only difference is the former one contain all the genetic
markers which are constant as the 'truemap.maps' and the later one only have
the have markers.

Boss requested me to use the map file she gave me (i.e., translate using
QTL-Cartographer), and analyze both datasets.  Thus, I am wondering is that
possible for me using the map file to analyze the 'subsetmarker.raw' without
use Emap to make a new map file.  If possible, what should I do?
Thanks a lot!
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