[Genetic-linkage] Primer Design for Microsatellites

Anna B. Buchman via gen-link%40net.bio.net (by stdabb14 from shsu.edu)
Mon Jul 16 13:56:30 EST 2007

I'm in the process of developing microsatellite primers to study box
turtle hybridization, and I am now at the initial stage of actual primer
design. Any recommendations as to what software is best for designing
primers for microsats? I'm currently exploring Invitrogen's Vector NTI and
B. Fairthcloth's Msatcommander (works off of primer 3.) Also, any advice
on what is the best way to process and analyze samples once the microsat
regions are ID'd and primers are designed? I'm going to need to do a few
hundred samples, and our facilities do not have a functional sequencer.
What companies out there do cheap AFLP analysis? Thanks.

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