[Genetic-linkage] Primer Design for Microsatellites

Anna B. Buchman via gen-link%40net.bio.net (by stdabb14 from shsu.edu)
Wed Jul 25 15:00:21 EST 2007

Thanks for all the replies to the previous posting, guys. I have now
ordered the primers, and have a commercial sequencing question. I plan to
fluorescently tag the primers when I verify that they work, and am looking
to send the resulting tagged PCR products to a company that can do an
AFLP/microsatellite variability assay on them, since we don't have an
automated sequencer and I would like to avoid manually running and
analyzing sequencing gels. What companies can provide that service for a
reasonable price? Also, if I do end up doing it myself, any ideas on how
to simplify the procedure overall? Anything radioactive is out of the
question, but I have read others doing silver staining with polyacrilamide
gels rather than flourescent tagging, and even running agarose gels.

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