NID/PID Problem : nc1222 and gbcu GenBank Updates

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at
Wed Dec 22 16:59:00 EST 1999

Greetings GenBank Users,

When GenBank Release 115.0 was installed for public access this
morning, I neglected to install the new version of our GenBank
flatfile generator software (which no longer outputs NID lines
and PID /db_xrefs) for use during GbUpdate processing.

As a result, the nc1222.flat.Z and gbcu.flat.Z updates that were
installed on our FTP site at 6:54am and 9:49am EST on December 22
contained these no-longer-supported identifiers.

I have patched these two files, removing the NIDs and PIDs,
and new versions were installed at 3:27pm EST on December 22.

We regret any inconvenience that this error might have caused.

NOTE: The non-cumulative updates generated since close-of-data for
Release 115.0 (nc1211 through nc1221) also contained NID/PID, because
the removal of the identifiers was not legal until the installation
of 115.0 .

So I have also patched these eleven update files. Their
sequence content has not changed in any way; if you have already
processed the files there is no real need to do so again. But
with this patch, the GenBank 115.0 files and the subsequent
updates are all self-consistent. This might be of help to users
who are re-initializing local systems to reflect the removal of
NID/PID from GenBank. The new versions of nc1211.flat.Z through
nc1221.flat.Z were installed at 4:30pm EST on December 22.

Mark Cavanaugh

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