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Net Stock Picks Features OTCBB: LWRD

LWRD is our November Profile of the Month

If you have been searching for an exciting new internet company with dynamic 
growth potential, then we strongly suggest that you look at Learners World 

Follow the link below for recent company news and latest quote from Yahoo!

We highly recommend that all investors read the following article, which not only
provides a comprehensive look at Learners World, but also the emerging 
educational sector of the internet market. 

>From the Company:

Learner's World is an educational, test preparation company making 
the transition to an Internet based training/test preparation content provider 
with its own educational website. We are filling the need for alternative modes
of training that are both flexible and convenient. Unlike the current
educational offerings now available on the Internet, which are
mostly university or government based or highly technical in content, ours
will train people to obtain necessary knowledge or certification to prepare for
exams and to train for new skills. These are exams/training which will lead
to the customer obtaining such benefits as gaining employment or advancing in
their current careers and advancing their educational goals.

The target market is growing as factors including downsizing, welfare to
workfare programs, the need for more skilled and better trained workers and
a competitive workplace puts an emphasis on lifetime learning and successful
test taking. Also, corporations are looking for cost efficient methods to train
their employees around the country and the world.

Individuals are looking for ways to increase their academic credentials and
work environment by moving on to higher education and more responsible 
positions. Many of these activities start with the need to
take an exam of some kind, for which, we will help to prepare them. These
customers need to fit education into their busy lifestyles. Learner's World
combines current technology with well designed test preparation and training
materials for academic, vocational, professional and health care learning as
well as custom designed courses for corporate training.

According to qualified research, the target customers are showing a growing
interest in LWRD's educational format, categorized as distance learning. The
increased level of advertising by degree granting colleges and universities is
making more and more people aware of the benefits and legitimacy of distance
learning via the Internet. Internet World magazine gives examples of "The
Internet Education" which included online degree programs offered by
traditional institutions such as Penn State and Indiana University, as well
as nontraditional entities such as University Online and the Global Network
Academy. Businesses see profits in the estimated $670 billion the United
States spends on education each year (growing about 3% a year) and the 
67 million students in the United States alone.
Family PC Magazine estimates that 1 million students are taking distance
learning classes via the Internet. The International Data Corporation
estimates that the number of college students enrolled in online courses will 
2.2 million by the year 2002. We believe the private/public sector growth of
test preparation and training will be following close behind.

In addition to all of this, market trends show that almost every school in
the United States will have a computer. This means that
accessibility will be a non-issue and that those coming of age to utilize
LWRD's products will be computer and Internet literate and accustomed to
using the Internet as a learning tool.

Corporate America is also showing a growing interest in distance education.
Faced with retraining an estimated 50 million American workers, corporations
are using distance learning in all aspects of training, both internally and
externally. Many major corporations like Hewlett-Packard save millions of
dollars each year using distance education to train employees more
effectively and efficiently than traditional methods.

Within our area of interest alone, budgeted spending on formal training by
U.S. organizations with 100 or more employers topped $60 billion in 1998 and
is estimated to grow to $62.5 billion in 1999. That is a 3.5 percent rise over
the previous year and a 29 percent increase since 1993, with neither figure
accounting for mild inflation. As always, salaries paid to internal training
staff make up the bulk of the budget. This salary total is up 2.4 percent
over the previous year and is now in excess of $43 billion. The fastest growing
segment, however, is outside expenditures and the $15 billion spent on the
commercial training market is a significant increase from 1998 (Training
Industry Magazine 1999).

Add to this the amount spent by companies with under 100 employees and for
test preparation of all kinds and we believe the total market will exceed $85
billion. It is easy to see that LWRD only needs a small portion of this
market to be hugely successful.

In fact, Learner's World is filing for patent protection for its products,
in order to protect what it believes is a unique combination of content and
delivery system.

Our strategy is to offer an extensive array of test preparation and training
courses covering needs in academics, health care, vocations and professions
in a dynamic and enjoyable fashion. A separate segment of the web site will
deal with custom designed training and test preparation courses for private
industry, government agencies and unions. We will create brand recognition
by implementing an aggressive advertising campaign emphasizing our benefits
including quality content, a learner community, support services, and a high
level of interaction.

Our pricing policy will make our site an enticing alternative to traditional
methods of learning (i.e. classroom and home study)
while still providing appropriate profit margins. Approximately 60% - 70% of
our offerings will be priced between $49.95 and $69.95 giving us an average
of approximately $60. It should be noted that with an average price of $40,
Amazon.com, a high flying Internet stock, has sales approaching $400
million. Due to our low entry price, it is possible that even when we are not the
first choice, we may still be a viable adjunct to the chosen method, thereby
giving us the same sales dollars as if we were the first choice.

The remainder of our tests, mostly in the professional and health care
series will range in price from $99.95 to $199.95. The corporate projects 
custom developed content will be priced from the mid five figures to the low
six figures, with additional ongoing fees for web hosting and maintenance.

Once fully developed, we will have four distinct income streams. The users
paying to take test preparation and training courses.
Advertising sales, that will be significant because of the exceptional
demographics of our user base, which includes, students (both high school
and college), blue collar workers and professional and health care workers, most
of which fall into the sixteen to forty year old age group.
Corporate/government customers paying for the development of custom test 
preparation and training courses and the ongoing fees for hosting and maintenance 
of these custom projects. Lastly, the referral fees and royalties from Internet 
retailers to whom we direct our user base.

Our future plans include acquiring additional web content through the
purchase of existing schools and/or courses, appropriate acquisitions and the
development of international markets as well as executing our marketing plan
for national growth.

If additional capital is raised it will be used to fund the continuation of
research and development, some of which is very sophisticated, requiring audio 
and video highlights and skilled professionals for content. These courses will 
for considerably more than our base prices. We will also need to significantly 
our advertising to support our goal of growing our business on the national and
international level. This will allow us to take advantage of being first into
the market and to make sure we secure and hold a significant market share.
Initial advertising will be print, radio, and possibly subways and billboards.
The addition of an Informercial has been decided upon and, when budget
allows, TV spots will be added.

As the first into this marketplace, with a fully interactive, Internet based
offering, consisting of live chat rooms and audio/video feeds to support our
test preparation/training materials, we will be able to create a real user
community. We will develop a user base of people with common interests and
we are sure to get a significant share of this multi billion-dollar market. In
addition, the excellent demographics of our users are sure to be an attraction
to potential advertisers who will pay to advertise on LWRD's web site.

As always, we recommend that you investigate the Company independently.
We think you will like what you find.

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