GbUpdate Problem : nc0208 : Invalid Version/GI Values

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at lagrange.nlm.nih.gov
Tue Feb 8 20:43:46 EST 2000

Greetings GenBank Users,

The problem that lead to incorrect sequence version numbers
and GI identifiers one week ago struck again last night,
affecting 31 records in the nc0208 GenBank update. Here are the
VERSION lines of the affected records from the flatfile version
of the update:

VERSION     AC022280.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC013254.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC009746.1  GI:771338
VERSION     AC009391.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC008368.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC023044.1  GI:833405
VERSION     AC023039.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022998.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022976.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022966.1  GI:332728
VERSION     AC022964.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022925.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022901.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022896.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022893.1  GI:449726
VERSION     AC022854.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022852.1  GI:454651
VERSION     AC022834.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022814.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022799.1  GI:397411
VERSION     AC022783.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022777.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022764.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022763.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022747.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022735.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022733.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022731.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC018915.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC022718.1  GI:-277407540
VERSION     AC019348.1  GI:773305

Patched nc0208 GbUpdate files in which these 31 records have
been removed were installed on our FTP server at 8:37pm EST
on Tuesday, February 8:


If the records successfully loaded into your system in spite of
the invalid GI values and the version number regression, then
we suggest that you simply wait for the next incremental GbUpdate.
These records will be included, with corrected version numbers
and GIs.

However, because the repairs to some of our software which address
this problem are still under QA, we're shutting down the GenBank
Update for one evening. The nc0209 update will not be generated.
Which means the corrected versions of the 31 records won't be
available until early Thursday morning, via the nc0210 update.

Due to their sizes, we did not patch the cumulative GbUpdate
files. The erroneous records will be fixed there as well when
the next CU rebuild completes (probably near 10:00am on Thursday
morning, after the nc0210 update has been built).

Our apologies for the inconvenience that this problem has caused.

Mark Cavanaugh


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