GB 116.0 : Corrupt ASN.1 file : gss1.aso.Z

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at
Mon Mar 6 16:11:40 EST 2000

The compressed version of one of the ASN.1 files
used to build GenBank 116.0 was corrupted during
a disk crash.

No indication of failure was returned during the
file's compression; so it was assumed to be intact
and was installed on NCBI's ftp site last week.

The problem manifests itself if you run NCBI's ASN.1
syntax checker on the file. EG:

  zcat gss1.aso.Z | asntool -m /some/path/to/asn.all
  -d stdin -t Bioseq-set

  [asntool] FATAL ERROR: stdinInput
  Expected 00 after tag for comment
  [asntool] FATAL ERROR: stdinInput
  Unable to match element in .E.

We replaced the corrupted gss1.aso.Z with a new
version at 4:10pm EST on Monday, March 6.

Our apologies for any inconvenience that this
might have caused.

Mark Cavanaugh


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