ncbi ftp problems

Garry Martin gmartin at MendelBio.COM
Mon Jan 6 19:22:04 EST 2003

Hi Kevin:

As shown in those posts, no one at NCBI ever took
credit for fixing the problem, so cause-effect
was never established.  Current postings to genbank
newsgroup indicate rash of tech problems at NCBI now,
so perhaps this is a sympathetic problem.

Just tried the same connect you tried -- seems to
be okay from my site, for now.

Garry Martin
Mendel Bioinformatics

>Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:25:21 -0500
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>Subject: re: ncbi ftp problems
>From: Kevin Murphy <murphy at>
>To: gmartin at MendelBio.COM
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>I saw an old post of yours from last May regarding problems accessing 
>the NCBI ftp server.  I am having the same problems, and it's driving me 
>Did you discover a solution?
>Here's a typical session:
>$ ftp
>Connected to
>  Warning Notice!
>421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
>Kevin Murphy
>eGenome Project
>Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


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